Friday, April 27, 2007

Anzac Day

This week we have been learning about what Anzac Day is about.
We had special visitors from the Army at our assembly on Monday and have been reading stories about what it was like to be at places like Gallipoli during the war. We wrote postcards as if we were writing to those at home from the trenches on the front line. These are part of an Anzac display we will put up in our classroom.

Around Anzac Day Room 3 all pretended that we were at war and wrote postcards to friends & family at home from the trenches. Some of us had to change our name and change from female to male. Some of the postcards seemed to take forever to finish, but we did put a lot of work into them though.
By Emma

Here are some of our postcards:

Dear Dan,
I'm still alive but some of my friends are dead. The track is muddy and the trenches are gross and the food is yuck. I really wish the war was over. I really miss you.
from James

Dear Mum and Dad,
I'm missing you heaps and wish I was at home. The food is very scarce. It is pretty obvious I am still alive but maybe not for long. I am starving and also dehydrated. As you should know it is very miserable in the trenches and there isn't much shelter.
Lots of love,

Monday, April 2, 2007

On Wednesday Rooms 3 and 5 went to Cable Bay for the day. We found crabs in the rock pools and starfish in the sand.
We were not allowed to take things from there.
At lunch we came back to eat lunch together. After lunch we went back to the rock pools. When we were there I fell over and hurt my leg. It hurt a lot! When we got back to school we got a Juicey. By Rochell

Suter Gallery visit ~ Arum exhibition

The storm

Mask Parade

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