Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rocky Shore creatures

  • I saw a pillow starfish. It is like a pillow all over its body. Lauren
  • The female yellow nipper crab had orange eggs on its stomach and had one big nipper and one small nipper. Rochell
  • The cushion stars are amazing to watch when you put them in a bit of water. They can turn themselves over without you touching them. They come in lots of different colours. Emma
  • At the Rocky Shore I looked at the crabs the most. The Rocky Shore was really fun! Tyler
  • The spiny starfish was very hard and spiky and it sucked my finger. Rene

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cable Bay trip

On our trip to Cable Bay we found loads of cool things. When I first got in the car I felt a bit ill, but after a while I felt better.

Sophie and I found two slimy fish. Harry found a huge starfish, it was even bigger than the container!
Everybody found little green crabs when they lifted the rocks up. When it was just about time to have lunch I found a kina but we had to put him back where we found it.

By Ella

Sunday, March 25, 2007

What we have been up to recently...

This week we have been busy taking photos around the school for putting in our slide shows about what we like to do. Eventually we hope to include writing about ourselves what we like to do at school and what is important to us at home.
We will also include acrostic poems and riddles we have written about ourselves.

Coming up in the week will be a trip to Cable Bay as a follow up to the Learnz virtual field trip we did earlier in the year.
We will also be going to visit another exhibition at the Suter gallery which we are all really looking forward to. Watch this space for reports on these!

Monday, March 12, 2007


Hi everyone,

Welcome to the second of Room 3's Blogs. This one will be used for sharing our learning with the community and the other will be largely for homework.
Eventually I would like the children to have their own blogs linked to this page so they can access any work that they have done at school at home and vice versa.
Please familiarise yourself with the site and its links so you can find your way around it.


Suter Gallery visit ~ Arum exhibition

The storm

Mask Parade

See our World Environment Day posters

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