Friday, February 22, 2008

Music 2008

Every Thursday we do music with Bridget. We learn, fast, slow, loud, soft, rhythm and tempo. The class sometimes gets to write our own music. Bridget splits us into groups and the groups play different types of music. When we come to music, Bridget is always playing some type of music from around the world.We get to make and play instruments. I like the time that we have with Bridget at music.

Welcome to 2008

Hi everyone. Welcome to Room 3 2008.
This year the class has 27 students, 22 year 4 children and 5 year 3 children.
We have spent the last few weeks establishing our classroom routines and are now raring to go!
Our blog will be updated regularly with children's work, photos and reports of intersting happenings around school, so keep visiting our blog and remember we appreciate comments!

Suter Gallery visit ~ Arum exhibition

The storm

Mask Parade

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