Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome to 2008

Hi everyone. Welcome to Room 3 2008.
This year the class has 27 students, 22 year 4 children and 5 year 3 children.
We have spent the last few weeks establishing our classroom routines and are now raring to go!
Our blog will be updated regularly with children's work, photos and reports of intersting happenings around school, so keep visiting our blog and remember we appreciate comments!


Susan said...

I am so excited to have found your blog!! What fun! I have bookmarked it so I can come visit often. Have a wonderful school year!

:-) Susan (From Florida in USA)

Monique said...

Hi Room 3
I've been enjoying lots of sun, fun and relaxing times. Now I've got a new job which is going to keep me very busy. I'll keep checking back to see what you are all up to.

brayden said...

You have put in a terrific effort in your blog.

Ada and Jia said...

Such a cool class! Plus your gonna have a great year!

Pat said...

Wow what a wonderful class you have.
You ave lots of fun wile you learn.
I would like to be in your class!
Enjoy the rest of your time in room 3.
From Pat in Wigginton, England.

Anonymous said...

SOU ROCK!!!!!!!From Grace

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