Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Da Vinci Exhibition

Last Tuesday we went to the Da Vinci exhibition at the Museum. When we got there we went into a room and Impgen talked to us about Da Vinci and the machines he had invented and how they worked. Then she sent us into a bigger room to look at the exhibits. We had different activities to do with the parents who were there. We learnt about how he used levers, cogs, ratchets and wheels in his machines.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mask Parade

Last week was the Nelson Mask parade which is part of the Arts Festival. Every 2 years our school enters the competition and this year we decided to go for a big picture effect based on our school theme for the year the Future starts NOW.
We had a river in the middle with fish and ducks swimming on it, Pohutukawa trees and Kowhai trees along each side and Tuis (5 year olds) next to the trees. Our class had made Kowhai trees and we wore glittering gold wigs and leaf masks.
We were lead by Room 13 and Room 9 playing chime bars and wearing recycling bins and Room 7 gave out information to the public about our theme. We were all singing the 3R's song.
We were obviously effective because we won the Supreme prize as well as the schools section.
Click here to read our writing about the parade.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Teapot Valley

On Thursday 30th August rooms 3, 5 and 9 went to Teapot Valley Christian camp! We all traveled by car from school. When we got there we got our suitcases and put them by the dining room then we went to find our friends. When most of the parents got there the people who owned Teapot Valley came out and told us the rules. Then Sue, Viv and Rachel put us into our cabin groups. After that we put our suitcases in our cabins and chose what bed we were going to have, (but the adults got to choose first.) When we had finished we got our sunhat and morning tea and went out to play. Some people played handball or chess or tag or just do skipping or different things. The whistle blew and Viv called “Hiddi Hi campers, bottoms on the concrete”. Everyone ran to Sue, Viv and Rachel told us our activity groups then told us to get into them. We all went to different activities like Burma trail, mini jeep, confidence course and loads more!! After 2 activities it started to rain. We all went into the dining room for lunch. I sat with Emma, Sophie, Ella, Anna, Hayley G, Karman and Hayley B. When mainly everyone had finished Viv gave all the people who had finished a bit of paper and we had to make a postcard. We made a space for the stamp, then wrote the address and wrote the letter and drew the picture. When everyone had finished someone went to post them all. We did 2 more activities when it had stopped raining then had finished them we had some free time in a room called the ‘middle room’. Most people played chess. Then Viv brought out some bits of paper and asked us what number we wanted for the camp concert. Ella, Sophie, Emma and I got number 4! Later Viv told us to get into our togs so we could go on the water slide. Brittany went down first and said it was warm, then Rochell went down and said it was freezing. I got soaked when Evie went down it. I went to my cabin to get dry then had some free time. When we went into the dining room we sang a grace and we got a Teapot Valley burger and fries. The things that we could have in our burgers were cheese, beetroot, lettuce and loads more. After that some parents came in. We had Ice-cream for pudding. At the camp concert the kids did something like jokes, dances, plays and skits. When that had finished we went on a possum hunt.

The next morning when we woke up, we packed up our stuff, had a shower, got dressed and did our hair etc. Then we had a bit of free time and went into the dining room to have breakfast. There was a variety of choices from porridge to toast there was also Rice Bubbles and Cornflakes. After that we got to choose our toppings. After free time we did our last two activities. Just before lunch we had top team games and group 8 won. We had pizza, wedges and a choice of beetroot or coleslaw for lunch then had free time and when the transport parents came we put our luggage in their cars. Then the people that weren’t going home with their parents got dropped off back at school.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Over the last few weeks we've been to Music. Some people learnt that music can be used for many different things. While others liked music because they get to play instruments like drums, spoons and woodblocks (etc.) Each time we go into music we listen to a song. There are cards on the floor and we sit in a circle around them. When the music has stopped the cards that suit the music. Each session we learn something different eg rhythm, tempo, dynamics and beat etc. Almost everybody likes music!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Room 3's blogging rules

When publishing our work on the blog or commenting on others work we need to:
  • Do not make inappropriate comments or ones that might offend or upset people.
  • Keep your comments positive and relevant.
  • Do not put anyone's last name or contact details on the blog site (including your own).
  • Try to put nice photos of people on the site. Ask people's permission if you want to use their photos.
  • Get someone else to check your spelling before you publish your work.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Visit our Kidz stuff site!

For homework this week the children were asked to explain why we need to be careful about what ends up in our gutters and stormwater drains. Read their answers on the Kidz stuff blog site. (Click on the link at the side of this page).

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Pollution and Rubbish

Water Pollution
Liquid waste dumped into rivers may poison wildlife and threaten supplies of drinking water for humans.

Dead Rivers
Industrial waste dumped into rivers can kill all life . Fertilizers can produce growth of algae , which absorb the oxygen the water , killing fish and plants .

Rubbish is created in large quantities and the world is running out of places to put it all. Recycling glass, paper and other waste reduces the need for dumping. Radioactive waste created by nuclear power stations remains dangerous for thousands of years.

What a load of Rubbish

Last week we went to see all the rubbish our school createdin one day. It wasn’t as much as expected. Sarah from Waste Education Services was the one talking to us about it. She and
some children from Rm 6 sorted it into groups, plastic, paper and food scraps. I’m glad I wasn’t sitting right in front of the food scraps- they smelt!

Some day this week we are going to try not to have any plastic in our lunch at all whatsoever. It’s amazing that only two people in the whole of another school forgot not to have plastic in their lunch.

By Emma

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tivaevae at the Suter

When Room 3 went on our last Suter trip we learned all about
Tivaevae. We learned how to make it, who makes it and made a square of Tivaevae ourselves - but out of paper. When Room 3 got back to school Sue put it up on the wall in a big square. Each time you walk into the classroom it is the first thing that captures your eye because it is so colourful. At the Suter there is a big Tivaevae on the floor with cushions that look a bit like flowers. By the time we got there all of us were staring at it saying "wow". I can't wait till we have another trip there.

Monday, May 14, 2007

News Flash!

We have established a new blog page called Room 3 Kidz stuff. (To visit the page just click on the link on the side of this page.)
Here the children will be able to put their work from homework done or other bits of writing they have done and want to publish. We are starting with one or two children having responsibilty for putting stuff on but all the children will eventually have a chance to put posts on the blog themselves and although we will do our best to minimise mistakes they might just make it to the blog!
Your comments would be most welcome.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Anzac Day

This week we have been learning about what Anzac Day is about.
We had special visitors from the Army at our assembly on Monday and have been reading stories about what it was like to be at places like Gallipoli during the war. We wrote postcards as if we were writing to those at home from the trenches on the front line. These are part of an Anzac display we will put up in our classroom.

Around Anzac Day Room 3 all pretended that we were at war and wrote postcards to friends & family at home from the trenches. Some of us had to change our name and change from female to male. Some of the postcards seemed to take forever to finish, but we did put a lot of work into them though.
By Emma

Here are some of our postcards:

Dear Dan,
I'm still alive but some of my friends are dead. The track is muddy and the trenches are gross and the food is yuck. I really wish the war was over. I really miss you.
from James

Dear Mum and Dad,
I'm missing you heaps and wish I was at home. The food is very scarce. It is pretty obvious I am still alive but maybe not for long. I am starving and also dehydrated. As you should know it is very miserable in the trenches and there isn't much shelter.
Lots of love,

Monday, April 2, 2007

On Wednesday Rooms 3 and 5 went to Cable Bay for the day. We found crabs in the rock pools and starfish in the sand.
We were not allowed to take things from there.
At lunch we came back to eat lunch together. After lunch we went back to the rock pools. When we were there I fell over and hurt my leg. It hurt a lot! When we got back to school we got a Juicey. By Rochell

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rocky Shore creatures

  • I saw a pillow starfish. It is like a pillow all over its body. Lauren
  • The female yellow nipper crab had orange eggs on its stomach and had one big nipper and one small nipper. Rochell
  • The cushion stars are amazing to watch when you put them in a bit of water. They can turn themselves over without you touching them. They come in lots of different colours. Emma
  • At the Rocky Shore I looked at the crabs the most. The Rocky Shore was really fun! Tyler
  • The spiny starfish was very hard and spiky and it sucked my finger. Rene

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cable Bay trip

On our trip to Cable Bay we found loads of cool things. When I first got in the car I felt a bit ill, but after a while I felt better.

Sophie and I found two slimy fish. Harry found a huge starfish, it was even bigger than the container!
Everybody found little green crabs when they lifted the rocks up. When it was just about time to have lunch I found a kina but we had to put him back where we found it.

By Ella

Sunday, March 25, 2007

What we have been up to recently...

This week we have been busy taking photos around the school for putting in our slide shows about what we like to do. Eventually we hope to include writing about ourselves what we like to do at school and what is important to us at home.
We will also include acrostic poems and riddles we have written about ourselves.

Coming up in the week will be a trip to Cable Bay as a follow up to the Learnz virtual field trip we did earlier in the year.
We will also be going to visit another exhibition at the Suter gallery which we are all really looking forward to. Watch this space for reports on these!

Monday, March 12, 2007


Hi everyone,

Welcome to the second of Room 3's Blogs. This one will be used for sharing our learning with the community and the other will be largely for homework.
Eventually I would like the children to have their own blogs linked to this page so they can access any work that they have done at school at home and vice versa.
Please familiarise yourself with the site and its links so you can find your way around it.


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Mask Parade

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