Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mask Parade

Last week was the Nelson Mask parade which is part of the Arts Festival. Every 2 years our school enters the competition and this year we decided to go for a big picture effect based on our school theme for the year the Future starts NOW.
We had a river in the middle with fish and ducks swimming on it, Pohutukawa trees and Kowhai trees along each side and Tuis (5 year olds) next to the trees. Our class had made Kowhai trees and we wore glittering gold wigs and leaf masks.
We were lead by Room 13 and Room 9 playing chime bars and wearing recycling bins and Room 7 gave out information to the public about our theme. We were all singing the 3R's song.
We were obviously effective because we won the Supreme prize as well as the schools section.
Click here to read our writing about the parade.

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