Thursday, September 6, 2007

Teapot Valley

On Thursday 30th August rooms 3, 5 and 9 went to Teapot Valley Christian camp! We all traveled by car from school. When we got there we got our suitcases and put them by the dining room then we went to find our friends. When most of the parents got there the people who owned Teapot Valley came out and told us the rules. Then Sue, Viv and Rachel put us into our cabin groups. After that we put our suitcases in our cabins and chose what bed we were going to have, (but the adults got to choose first.) When we had finished we got our sunhat and morning tea and went out to play. Some people played handball or chess or tag or just do skipping or different things. The whistle blew and Viv called “Hiddi Hi campers, bottoms on the concrete”. Everyone ran to Sue, Viv and Rachel told us our activity groups then told us to get into them. We all went to different activities like Burma trail, mini jeep, confidence course and loads more!! After 2 activities it started to rain. We all went into the dining room for lunch. I sat with Emma, Sophie, Ella, Anna, Hayley G, Karman and Hayley B. When mainly everyone had finished Viv gave all the people who had finished a bit of paper and we had to make a postcard. We made a space for the stamp, then wrote the address and wrote the letter and drew the picture. When everyone had finished someone went to post them all. We did 2 more activities when it had stopped raining then had finished them we had some free time in a room called the ‘middle room’. Most people played chess. Then Viv brought out some bits of paper and asked us what number we wanted for the camp concert. Ella, Sophie, Emma and I got number 4! Later Viv told us to get into our togs so we could go on the water slide. Brittany went down first and said it was warm, then Rochell went down and said it was freezing. I got soaked when Evie went down it. I went to my cabin to get dry then had some free time. When we went into the dining room we sang a grace and we got a Teapot Valley burger and fries. The things that we could have in our burgers were cheese, beetroot, lettuce and loads more. After that some parents came in. We had Ice-cream for pudding. At the camp concert the kids did something like jokes, dances, plays and skits. When that had finished we went on a possum hunt.

The next morning when we woke up, we packed up our stuff, had a shower, got dressed and did our hair etc. Then we had a bit of free time and went into the dining room to have breakfast. There was a variety of choices from porridge to toast there was also Rice Bubbles and Cornflakes. After that we got to choose our toppings. After free time we did our last two activities. Just before lunch we had top team games and group 8 won. We had pizza, wedges and a choice of beetroot or coleslaw for lunch then had free time and when the transport parents came we put our luggage in their cars. Then the people that weren’t going home with their parents got dropped off back at school.

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