Friday, April 18, 2008

Wilbur and Inquiry Learning for Term 2

We have been looking at our Inquiry work for next term under our theme Local Global and Connected. In Term 1 we looked more closely at our school and what it meant to us. In Term 2 our focus will widen and look at our connections with other places around NZ and the world.
With Dr Potaka going overseas during Term 2 we have taken the opportunity to send our Room 3 mascot or ambassador, Wilbur, with him to schools in other countries so we can establish contact with other children overseas.
Before we gave him to Dr Potaka we took some photos of Wilbur around our school – in the adventure playground, watching children playing, resting against the lime trees at the front of the school, and in the classroom. You can meet Wilbur and
follow Wilbur’s travels and adventures by visiting Wilbur’s blog. Click on the link at the side of our classroom blog. Don’t forget to leave a comment!

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