Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Teapot Valley Camp 2008

On October 14 Room 3, 13 and 16 went to Teapot Valley for an overnight camp. Kerry, our leader, first introduced the camp rules. Our activities included included Mini Jeep, parachute, Archery, the Maze, the Burma Trail, trampoline, Eds Alley, the Confidence Course and ball games. We also had the chance to go on their awesome outdoor waterslide and in the FREEZING salt water pool.
After tea we had our camp concert and our possum hunt then went to our cabins and off to bed.
On day two the year 2s camp for their day visit. We were divided into teams again for Top Team games. The winning teams got prizes from the treasure box.
Camp was an awesome experience and we can't wait to go again!

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Anonymous said...

Hi rm 3 its sophie crawford here I'm going on camp in "2 days" we all have to be at school by 8:00am . we go on a bus,and train these are some activitys we are doing going for na walk throw a bbbbiiiigggg tunnel, do beach education for 3 hours, free time, Camp concert,Games and going to a mine
hope you guys have a great term

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