Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cross Country

Last week the weeks of cross country training came to a head with our school cross country being held. This year we had the cross country at school because the ground at the Botanics was still too wet after all the rain we have had. Luckily the day was fine and sunny!

However the excitement was the same! The five year olds had their races first just around the front field. six, seven, eight and Kahikatea nine year olds had a different course and the seniors had a different one again.

Lots of parents turned up to watch so there was a good audience to cheer everyone on.

It was all over in a short amount of time and then it was time to go back to the classroom and wait for the end of school. We were all exhausted!


Anonymous said...

hi room 3 its sophie crawford here your cross contry loooks fun my schools cross contry is on the 2 of september.

Rachel from R9 NCS said...

We were lucky that it was fantastic weather for the cross country that day. Glad you all enjoyed the run and tried your hardest.

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